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Genuine Engagement Fundraising builds quality relationships between the donors we recruit and the nonprofit organizations we partner with. We create sustainable, long-term partnerships and elevate face-to-face fundraising standards by restoring authenticity and emphasizing connection in each interaction.


Founded and led by fundraisers, we hold over 25 years of combined experience building and leading in-house and agency programs. We are nonprofit professionals, agency fundraisers and nonprofit donors who understand that it takes a village to make change.


Unequivocally, we are committed to our partners, their donors and our staff. We value each of them for their contributions as essential components to enacting a positive difference in the world. We are the bridge between nonprofit organizations and growing a robust sustainable-giving program. With respect, care and compassion at every level, we will represent your organization with the greatest respect for your mission.




Jonah Bernstein


"Jonah has always been passionate about humanitarian principles and our natural world. After a brief career in sales, Jonah decided he could put those skills to use for non profits, beginning a fundraising career working with NGOs which reflected his love for people and nature. This career in F2F fundraising has lasted for the better part of a decade, both for non profits in house, and fundraising partners alike. In 2020 Jonah founded Genuine Engagement Fundraising in order to elevate the standard of F2F,  create stable and long term career opportunities for professional fundraisers, and maximize financial impact for charity partners. Jonah enjoys spending time outdoors and with family, watching football on Sundays, and of course playing with his dog Finn."


Myriam Ajami

Operations Director

"My name is Myriam Ajami, I am originally Lebanese. I was raised between Lebanon and Ivory Coast, having the opportunity of a lifetime growing up between two beautiful different cultures. My background is the reason why I decided to become involved with nonprofits. I have done humanitarian work in the Middle East and West Africa, aiding refugees and underserved communities. After moving to the United States in 2013, the humanitarian work did not stop. I worked with Oxfam America for 5 years, starting as a fundraiser all the way to being the manager of the Los Angeles team. In early 2021, I joined Genuine Engagement Fundraising. Here I continue to collaborate with incredible people who share the same passion: always working for a good cause."


Josiah Potter

Director of Recruitment
& Client Services

"Having grown up in various cultures all around the world, Josiah has been blessed to experience and meet people from hundreds of different backgrounds and cultures. This flexibility & exposure has placed his career focus on the betterment of people. After working in the Fundraising and Nonprofit field for almost a decade, Josiah is excited to create a positive impact on the teams at GE Fundraising & our Charity Partners success."

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Gabriel Bernstein

Field Director

"I’m Gabriel, the field director at Genuine Engagement Fundraising. I work to maximize our fundraising efforts as a whole and make sure everyone has the tools they need to be successful. I have been in the face to face fundraising industry for about 5 years, working with some of the world’s biggest and most effective non profits tackling some of the most important issues of our time. There is no single solution to solving these problems. I try to make a difference by getting out and being an activist. This allows me to do my part towards changing things for the better."


Ryan Dietzenbach

SW Regional Director

My name is Ryan, I am originally from a Small farming town in Iowa. I obtained my bachelor’s from the University of Arizona in Communication, Music Performance, and Mathematics. This set me up for a passion in public speaking, being eccentric, and over analyzing everything. In 2019 I moved to Los Angeles and luckily discovered fundraising. I love challenging myself everyday to make more effective connections with strangers and collaborate with my team on the Art/Science of what we do. It is rewarding to spend each day furthering the progress of so many great non profits towards their cause. 


Naomi Zahler

Long Beach Manager

"Naomi grew up in Massachusetts. She now lives in Koreatown with her 2 cats. Before canvassing she worked as a line cook for Italian restaurants throughout LA. Now she is happy to be fundraising for environmental nonprofits to make the world a better place."


Megan Acree

East Coast Regional Director


Delaney Mckechnie

HR & Office Manager

Born in Metro Detroit, Megan has a passion for humanitarian causes and bringing people together to make sustainable change. Megan started her journey in face to face fundraising in 2018, after being a full-time muralist and street artist across the United States and Brazil. She focuses on bringing her creativity and resourcefulness of her street art to her street canvassing.

“I feel really lucky to have been able to travel and see different cultures. Here in the U.S we hold so much power in our actions and how we spend our time and money… My job is to show others the impact they can have with that.”

Megan also spends time volunteering at a local Refugee Resettlement center, playing cello and rolling around with her dog, Peixe.

Born and raised in Southern California, Delaney is passionate about people. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton, and has since devoted her career to empowering others through large-scale change. Delaney brings a background in clinical mental health research, and a strong belief in the power of community, to her role. Outside of work, Delaney enjoys spending time in her garden, spoiling her unfriendly cat, Monday, and attending live music shows. She believes in taking time to appreciate the little things in life and is committed to bringing the focus back to what matters most - genuine connections.

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Joshua Fichera

Director of Business Strategy

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Christian Sidwell

Operations Support Manager

"With the long-held belief that poverty and inequality are solvable crisis requiring direct action, Christian found a home in the world of fundraising in 2018. Joining Genuine Engagement Fundraising as a retention specialist with a background in campaign management, he is excited to see the fundraising sector thriving and aims to play a role in realizing our collective, compassionate vision for a just world."

"Josh was born in the great state of Massachusetts before finding his true calling on the west coast. Josh lives in Portland Oregon with his cat Priscilla, and is passionate about contributing to causes that save the planet along with its inhabitants. When he is off the clock, he enjoys exploring waterfalls and hiking around the PNW."

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